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Welcome to Oliver’s Blog!

Shaheed & Oliver from Oliver's Pet Care

Oliver & Shaheed

Hey Folks, Oliver here. Welcome to my Family’s business. I guess you could say I was the inspiration for Oliver’s Pet Care. It’s a great place and my family is pretty great too. I have a sweet set up here and I am so grateful for it that I want other dogs to have the best for them too!

Pup Pop and Dog Mom brought me home to be part of their family in 2009. Dog Mom was pretty crazy about me from the minute she saw me. I mean, have you SEEN me? I’m adorable. That’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for you, though. But Pup Pop, he wasn’t too sure about the whole arrangement. Maybe a little of his hesitation was because he would have to start sharing Mom. But I think mostly it was because he never had any pets growing up. Can you believe it? A kid with no pets? Poor guy.

Luckily Mom convinced Dad to give dog ownership a try. And you know something, I know Pop is as happy about it as I am. We play together, watch TV, and just hang out for quiet time sometimes too. We don’t have to talk all the time. Sometimes we can just look at each other and know what’s what.

My Pup Pop was so struck by our pet and human bond that he wanted to tell the world about it. And suddenly he became aware that there were other great dogs like me out there and he wanted to do what he could to make good products available to them too – at prices that any pet owner can afford!

He and Dog Mom are concerned about the planet too and always on the lookout for ecofriendly products to offer. Like the West Paw Design Organic Bumper Bed. I thought I was on a mountain of laundry when stretched out on that thing. It is so comfy and you’re not going to believe what the cushion on the inside is made of – recycled plastic soda bottles! I’ve fetched a few of those in my day, and now I’m sleeping on them! Hahaharoofaroof! It’s hypoallergenic, easy to clean and comes in different sizes and colors to fit every dog and his bedroom. It’s even made in the good old U.S.A. My Mom and Pop really love me. You should check one of these bad boys out for your good boy! (or girl!)

Or oh! Check out my favorite shampoo, Cloud Star Buddy Wash! Ever since we tried this one, Dog Mom has been a big fan of my bath times. It used to be Pop’s job but she got hooked on the lavender and mint smell. I like it too. Makes me feel relaxed and fresh. I like to hop out of the tub, shake it out, then lay down for a little nap. And because Mom and Pop care, it wouldn’t be slathered on me if it weren’t made from the best natural herbs and oils. No soaps or chemicals either. They say it cleans AND deodorizes me. I don’t really understand that second part, but they seem pretty excited about it.

I’m really proud of Pup Pop and Dog Mom for taking something that means so much to them, namely me AHEM, and using it to help other pets and humans take care of each other and the planet. Oliver’s Pet Care. I’m Oliver. See you soon!

~ Oliver

5 Responses to Welcome to Oliver’s Blog!

  1. Cynti says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Oliver! I love your site and your products! But I have to admit, I am partial to Golden Retrievers – cute as you may be.

  2. Jax says:

    Oh my goodness Oliver I am so proud of your Pup Pop and Dog Mom too! My Dog mom gets me stuff from your site all the time! Those salmon treats… I love those! Well I can’t wait to play with you soon!! you are pawsome!–JAX!!

  3. michele rubin says:

    Hi there Mr. Oliver and Mr Aleem!

    Pretty darn cute!

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