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Squeaky Dog Toys – Always Supervise

Dog tearing up Dog Toy

I am a big fan of animal behavior. Not only is it entertaining to observe, but the animal nature aspect is fascinating to me. Well! I learned something new about dog behavior and nature and I have to share it. It’s about squeaky toys.


Most dogs like playing with squeaky toys. They’re interactive and engaging. I bite then you squeak. Then I bite again and you squeak again. Fun stuff for sure! But have you ever had, or known of, a dog who went absolutely bananas when in the presence of a squeaky toy?  I know of a Schnauzer who was so well mannered and dignified but when he got hold of a squeaky toy he turned into a wild animal. Why do you think that might be?


The theory is that some dogs, like Schnauzers, are natural hunters and protectors. They are great watch dogs and have been put to work for centuries hunting vermin. (among other things.)  Now what do we know about vermin and small critters? They squeak!


- Wounded critters, field mice, birds, etc., squeak when they are wounded, which makes them easy to track and find.

- Critters squeak when they’re being attacked


So hearing the squeaky toy, chasing it down, attacking it, and ruthlessly gnawing at it until the toy is broken and the squeaker is gone, satisfies that part of the dog’s nature that domestication and pet training have subdued over time.

Dog Ripping Stuffed Animal Dog Toy

Isn’t that cool? I think it is – even though on some level it freaks me out too to think that my sweet baby is getting in touch with his cold blooded killer instincts, but at the same time, I do like that he gets to be a “dog.” Since that’s what he is. Not a tiny genius human, like I sometimes forget.


Now even though this hunting and battling the squeaky toy is a good thing, it does come with risks, so it’s important to be a good responsible human and supply your furry soldier with only the most durable squeaky toys, and
don’t leave him unsupervised while he chews
.  Although our canine buds are very smart, there is always the possibility that the squeaker could get lodged in their throat and that’s just too big a risk to take.


As soon as you notice he’s broken through the toy, take it away and either retrieve and throw away the squeaker or get rid of the whole toy. Time to buy a new one!

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