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Dog Grooming: Choosing A Grooming Brush


Because you are a good responsible pet owner, you agree with Oliver and me that brushing your dog every day, regardless of the type of coat he has, is the right thing to do. But do you have the right tools to do it properly? There are so many choices available to you for dog grooming that it can be overwhelming, but don't sweat it. Start with the basics and add accessories as you identify your dog's special needs. Picking a basic brush is easy because there are basically only three different types... Read More

Dog of the Week: Meet Pepper!


Meet Pepper! Aaron submitted a little about his Cairn Terrier and some great photos!! “Pepper has been a part of my life since 1998; when I first met her, she fit in my cupped hands.  Pepper is a Cairn terrier and she is named for the color of her hair – like a pepper shaker.  Read More

OliversPetCare.Com Weekly Giveaway!

  • Oliver's Pet Care
  • May 8, 2012
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Oliver's Pet Care Giveaway

Enter to Win 2 Eco-Friendly Dog Toys! Ends May 16th! Read More

Dog Breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  • Oliver's Pet Care
  • May 8, 2012
  • Dog Breeds
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (3 years old), Cavalier King Charl

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Overview: The cav is a little hunter by nature, always sniffing about, exploring the outdoors and ready to give chase when taken for a walk or play in the yard. But indoors he is the perfect pet, playful and affectionate, yet quiet and eager to please. He’s wonderful with children and other pets, and is truly a member of the family, cuddling up on the sofa or playing gently with children. He has an elegant demeanor and a soft, silky coat, earning him his royal name. It’s hard to resist the sweet, softening expression of this small, yet well-built spaniel breed. Read More

Interested in Adopting a Dog – Benefits of having a Dog!

Dogs Create Positive Lifestyle

What Do Those Crazy Doggie Owners Know that You Don’t? The positive effects of dogs on humans are not whimsy or any new notion. The therapeutic use of pets can be traced back as far as the Eighteenth Century when institutionalized patients were free to roam the grounds with small domestic animals as a means to promote relaxation, calmness, and socialization. In current times of busy lives and high stress existence among people of all ages, we are seeing a surge of pet ownership and understanding of their value beyond simple entertainment. Perhaps no furry creature is as beneficial to our health and well being as the dog. Read More

Dog Grooming: It’s Not Just For Purse Dogs Anymore


Back in the day we didn't “groom” our dogs. We didn’t trim their toenails and we certainly didn’t squeeze their anal glands. And dogs were fine! But you know what? Now they’re better! They’re healthier and happier and living more robust lives because they’re bodies feel good from all kinds of advancements in pet care, including being groomed. Sometimes laughed off as “pampering,” grooming is actually more like a doctor visit than a spa treatment. Let’s talk about why it’s important to groom your dog and some good ways to get it done. Read More

Dog Health – Oseteoarthritis, Causes and Treatments

  • Oliver's Pet Care
  • May 7, 2012
  • Dog Health
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When the Old Doggie Joints Just Ain’t What They Used to Be - Part of what we love about our canine pals is their energy. They are so fun to watch and sometimes even inspire us to be more physically active, ourselves! Unfortunately, some of Rocky’s best tricks may wear his body down and cause damage over time, in the form of osteoarthritis. Read More

Welcome to Oliver’s Blog!

  • Oliver's Pet Care
  • May 7, 2012
  • About Us
oliver & shaheed from Oliver's Pet Care

Hey Folks, Oliver here. Welcome to my Family's business. I guess you could say I was the inspiration for Oliver's Pet Care. It's a great place and my family is pretty great too. I have a sweet set up here and I am so grateful for it that I want other dogs to have the best for them too! Pup Pop and Dog Mom brought me home to be part of their family in 2009. Dog Mom was pretty crazy about me from the minute she saw me. I mean, have you SEEN me? I'm adorable. That's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for you, though. But Pup Pop, he wasn't too sure about the whole arrangement. Maybe a little of his hesitation was because he would have to start sharing Mom. But I think mostly it was because he never had any pets growing up. Can you believe it? A kid with no pets? Poor guy. Read More

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