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Dog of the Week: Meet Pepper!

Pepper the Cairn Terrier

Meet Pepper! Aaron submitted a little about his Cairn Terrier and some great photos!!

“Pepper has been a part of my life since 1998; when I first met her, she fit in my cupped hands.  Pepper is a Cairn terrier and she is named for the color of her hair – like a pepper shaker.  She is an incredibly gentle animal and, in her old age, has taken to long naps in the sun.  Her favorite treats are salmon meat sticks and dried duck breast; she also enjoys a varied but limited ingredient diet.  Pepper will be 14 this year and still greets me like a puppy.  You’ll likely see Pepper at the Magnuson Off Leash Dog Park  with her buddy Oliver on most sunny Saturday mornings!”

Pepper the Dog                            Pepper the Cairn Terrier

One Response to Dog of the Week: Meet Pepper!

  1. Cin says:

    Awww – Pepper is a cutie pie! I turn to mush when I see those tongues popped out like that. =)

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