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Dog Breeds: The French Bulldog (Frenchie)

Pack of French Bulldogs

French Bulldog (Frenchie)



-       The Frenchie is a very affectionate and friendly, loving animal that can be easily trained

-       Has a great relationship with family members, young and old, not very protective but do make decent watchdogs

-       Not suited to outdoor living or hot and humid temperatures

-       Health conditions that need to be tested for include hip, spine, knee, eye

-       Grooming needs include occasional brushing and regular daily wrinkle cleaning


This small version of the bulldog is primarily a lap dog, although he is quite talented at alerting his owners to dangerous situations, such as a neighbor walking down the street. He’s very friendly and thoroughly enjoys clowning around with his family. He’s a cuddly breed, eager to please and has a very sweet temperament.

Be sure to have air conditioning in warm weather for the Frenchie, and be prepared to take him for a short walk on a leash for his exercise. He has a low center of gravity with his bulldog build, but can move around much more easily than his larger counterpart.


-       Family history is companion, mastiff (bulldog)Black and White French Bulldog

-       Originally from France

-       First bred in the 1800’s

-       Original purpose was lap dog

-       Today they are used for companion

-       The average size of a male is less than 28lbs and 11 to 13 inches tall

-       The average size of a female is less than 28lbs and 11 to 13 inches tall

-       Also known as bouledogue Francais


Care & Health

Your little French bulldog will only require a short walk on a leash and he’s a housedog who’s content to cuddle with his owner. Avoid hot and humid weather and have some sort of air conditioning to keep him cool.

Clean his wrinkles regularly and brush him occasionally to keep him groomed.


Major Health Concerns – stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, intervertebral

disc degeneration, hemivertebrae

Minor Health Concerns – CHD, patellar luxation, entropion and occasionally distichiasis, cataract, deafness

Test for – hip, spine, knee, eye

Life Span – 9 to 11 years

Additional information – sensitive to anesthesia and heat



Originally considered a toy bulldog, the Frenchie attracted the attention of French women in the 19th century, brought to their attention by lace workers. It wasn’t long before they were the newest fad in Paris, and in the late 1800s they were common in wealthy French homes.

Visiting Americans also took a fancy to the breed and brought them home where they were bred in large numbers and were the feature of an extremely elegant dog show in 1898 which further launched their popularity.

In 1913 they were one of the most favored breeds in dog shows, and althought their popularity has declined, they continue to be a favorite breed of many loyal dog lovers.



-       Medium energy levelTan French Bulldog

-       Low exercise needs

-       Moderately playful

-       Moderately affectionate

-       Friendly towards other dogs

-       Very friendly around other pets

-       Shy around strangers

-       Easy to train

-       Medium watchdogs

-       Not very protective

-       Low grooming requirements

-       Low tolerance to heat

-       Medium tolerance to cold


French Bulldog Rescue Site


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