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Dog Health: Wet Noses!

What the Nose Knows... A common checkpoint of dog and puppy health is the nose. The rule is a thumb – er.. nose – is a cool wet nosed dog is a happy healthy dog. And that is actually a pretty good rule. But does that mean that if your furry bud has a warmer dry nose that he is sick? Not necessarily. Let's break down this nose business a little bit. First of all, a big part of the wet nose is simply that dogs love to lick. The happier and healthier a dog is, the more he flops that tongue around to any place that will have it – THEIR face, YOUR face, THEIR feet, YOUR arms – and so on. Read More

Dog Health – Oseteoarthritis, Causes and Treatments

When the Old Doggie Joints Just Ain’t What They Used to Be - Part of what we love about our canine pals is their energy. They are so fun to watch and sometimes even inspire us to be more physically active, ourselves! Unfortunately, some of Rocky’s best tricks may wear his body down and cause damage over time, in the form of osteoarthritis. Read More