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Dog Breeds: The French Bulldog (Frenchie)

The French Bulldog (Frenchie) - This small version of the bulldog is primarily a lap dog, although he is quite talented at alerting his owners to dangerous situations, such as a neighbor walking down the street. He’s very friendly and thoroughly enjoys clowning around with his family. He’s a cuddly breed, eager to please and has a very sweet temperament. Be sure to have air conditioning in warm weather for the Frenchie, and be prepared to take him for a short walk on a leash for his exercise. He has a low center of gravity with his bulldog build, but can move around much more easily than his larger counterpart. Read More

Dog Breeds: The German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dog: Most people can easily spot a German shepherd and associate with police dogs. With its lean body and ability to cover ground with impressive strides, this agile, highly intelligent and strong breed has earned its reputation as an excellent dog for not only police work, but also for working with the disabled. When this dog has a mission, he won’t quit until he’s completed the task, one reason why they are such great contraband detectors. Read More

Dog Breeds: The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever: This picture-perfect, devoted and energetic breed makes an excellent family pet, and is a popular choice for those with families who are willing to provide him with daily exercise. Without regular activity he can develop behavioral problems and with his powerful build, it can be an issue. He’s eager to learn new things, and is an amazing competitive obedience dog. Teach him to retrieve and he could spend the whole day in the backyard with you and a stick. His strength and powerful head allow him to easily carry game of even large size over most terrain. To properly appreciate this dog’s abilities and take them into consideration will help ensure a happy and content companion. Read More

Dog Breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Overview: The cav is a little hunter by nature, always sniffing about, exploring the outdoors and ready to give chase when taken for a walk or play in the yard. But indoors he is the perfect pet, playful and affectionate, yet quiet and eager to please. He’s wonderful with children and other pets, and is truly a member of the family, cuddling up on the sofa or playing gently with children. He has an elegant demeanor and a soft, silky coat, earning him his royal name. It’s hard to resist the sweet, softening expression of this small, yet well-built spaniel breed. Read More