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Podcast about How Oliver’s Pet Care got Started!

Shaheed Khan, Owner of Oliver’s Pet Care was recently interviewed in the Dogs Love Running Podcast that can be downloaded on iTunes. Tune in to learn how we got started and why we are so passionate about creating an online pet store devoted to great quality products and giving back! Read More

New Video About Oliver’s Pet Care!

How Amazon Webstore Helped Us Grow Oliver’s Pet Care: “When Shaheed Khan decided to quit his job as a successful architect to run his online pet supplies store full-time, people thought he was crazy. But Amazon Webstore gave him the tools he needed to build his business and be more successful than even he had Read More

Welcome to Oliver’s Blog!

Hey Folks, Oliver here. Welcome to my Family's business. I guess you could say I was the inspiration for Oliver's Pet Care. It's a great place and my family is pretty great too. I have a sweet set up here and I am so grateful for it that I want other dogs to have the best for them too! Pup Pop and Dog Mom brought me home to be part of their family in 2009. Dog Mom was pretty crazy about me from the minute she saw me. I mean, have you SEEN me? I'm adorable. That's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for you, though. But Pup Pop, he wasn't too sure about the whole arrangement. Maybe a little of his hesitation was because he would have to start sharing Mom. But I think mostly it was because he never had any pets growing up. Can you believe it? A kid with no pets? Poor guy. Read More